Link yourself to recovery

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

RecoveryLink™ is a suite of digital recovery support tools designed natively for recovery support providers. We provide you best in class tools so you can provide best in class support.

Next-generation recovery support

RecoveryLink™ connects individuals and organizations and helps them find and provide peer-based recovery support 24/7 at the touch of a button. Whether you need to find resources in your area, connect with a peer recovery support specialist, engage with your recoverees, or track organizational outcomes, - the RecoveryLink™ dashboard has the tools for you.

Accessible Everywhere

Access RecoveryLink™ anywhere - in the office or on the go. With a fully responsive web dashboard, you'll have access to the entire suite whether its from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Unique Design

RecoveryLink™ is the only digital recovery support service and electronic recovery record designed with the individual and recovery provider in mind.

Real-time Feedback and Analysis

RecoveryLink™ leverages over 800 data points to provide real-time feedback to help you navigate the recovery process using the Recovery Support Index (RSI).

In-person, Phone, or Video

Whether you want to engage in-person, through a phone call, a text message, or video chat, the choice is yours. RecoveryLink™ is HIPAA compliant and no matter how you engage, your privacy is our priority.

Are you ready to elevate your recovery?

Recovery support reimagined

RecoveryLink™ is not just for individuals, but also for recovery support providers. We've designed our platform to help recovery community organizations and other support institutes focus on providing support, and take the guesswork out of data collection and analysis. RecoveryLink™ lets you focus on seamless engagement and real-time support, with no down time or messy spreadsheets.

Staff Dashboard

Access all of your participant's recovery plans, follow-up engagements, referrals, and reports all in one easy to use dashboard available from anywhere.

Predictive Analytics

RecoveryLink™ uses a proprietary Recovery Support Index to help peer staff know when a participant may need more, or less, support.

Robust Reporting

Your grants and donors want to know what impact you are having in the lives of people you serve - RecoveryLink™ makes it easy to provide with real-time reporting across your entire organization.

Your recovery, your way.

At RecoveryLink™, we truly believe recovery is an individual process that is best informed by who you are, what goals you have, and where you want to be in the future. No matter what pathway or program of recovery you utilize or offer, RecoveryLink™ is here to connect you with, or help you provide, the support you need.

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations. This truly feels like the future of digital recovery support."
Sandra Thompson
RSS Director