RecoveryLink™ for Providers

RecoveryLink™ for Providers

Best-in-class digital recovery support tools for your organization

RecoveryLink™ - It Just Works

RecoveryLink™ is delivered securely from the cloud so that your staff, administrators, and participants can easily access their recovery records and engage via video, voice, and messaging seamlessly.

RecoveryLink™ offers recovery community organizations, peer recovery support providers, and enterprise health systems a suite of digital tools platform designed to improve outcomes through systems transformation. Promoting long-term engagement with recovery support services is easy with our electronic recovery record platform with integrated telerecovery services delivered via HIPAA compliant video, voice, and messaging. 

Electronic Recovery Record

Our platform is built on our best-in-class electronic health record system, the RecoveryLink™ electronic recovery record. Staff work with participants from intake to discharge, creating recovery plans, making referrals, logging engagements, and tracking outcomes - all easily stored and actionable.

Integrated Telehealth/Telerecovery

RecoveryLink™ offers integrated HIPAA compliant video, audio, and messaging to engage with participants in their preferred way. Each staff member is assigned a unique telephone number that is accessible from their computer or smartphone to engage with their participants at any time.

Staff Supervision

RecoveryLink™ adapted our novel recovery planning framework to provide organizations an on platform staff supervision process. Create supervision plans, log supervision sessions, and track staff progress towards their goals over time.

Real-time Analytics

RecoveryLink™ comes standard with real-time dashboard reporting and 9 standard monthly and quarterly reports - main outcomes, activity logs, individual services, discharge, session activities, care coordination, and organization global performance.

Single Site, Multi-Site, and Enteprise

RecoveryLink™ is designed for use by single site recovery community organizations, multi-site recovery support providers, and enterprise systems. Pricing scales with your organization so you only ever pay for what you need.

Participant Experience

Individuals can easily access your organization's RecoveryLink™ platform to connect with their peer specialist, access their recovery plan and referrals, and completed recovery capital outcomes assessments.

Rapid Deployment

RecoveryLink™ is delivered from the cloud with enterprise-grade security, making it accessible anywhere by any staff member. All tools were developed with peer specialists in mind for rapid adoption and ease of use.

Unique Insights

RecoveryLink™ collects recovery outcomes and engagement data across 12 domains, with over 600 unique data points for each participant. Real-time dashboard analytics and custom reporting provides your organization the data you need and just the right time.

Creative Solutions

While the RecoveryLink™ global electronic recovery record is just the right fit for many organizations, our platform can be customized for any organization, enterprise, or speciality program. Our development team will work 1-on-1 with you to create the right tool for the job.

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