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RecoveryLink™ Pricing Plans

RecoveryLink™ is designed for individual organizations, networks of several organizations, and custom enterprise accounts. Whether you are looking for a new peer recovery support service dashboard or assistance with your next grant project, we can help.

Each of our plans includes the RecoveryLink™ electronic recovery record, real-time dashboard analytics and staff supervision modules. If you can’t find the right pricing structure for your needs, please get in touch – we can create a custom package that is just what you are looking for.

Recovery Systems Plan
Organization w/ Multiple Locations
  • Dedicated Launch Support
  • Standard BAA for HIPAA/42 CFR Part 2
  • Standard Dashboards and Reports
  • Up to 10 locations and 50 staff (each additional location $375/month, staff $60/month)
Recovery Organization Plan
One location
  • Dedicated Support
  • Standard BAA for HIPAA/42 CFR Part 2
  • Standard Dashboards and Reports
  • Includes 5 staff users (each additional $80/month)
Enterprise Plans
Health Systems, States, and Payers
Contact Us For Pricing
  • Dedicated Launch Support
  • Custom BAA Available for HIPAA and 42 CFR Part Compliance
  • Custom Dashboards & Reports
  • Discounts For All Add-on Modules

Add-on Modules and Features Available for All Plans

GPRA Module
CSAT GPRA Data Collection
  • Integrated CSAT OMB-approved GPRA
  • Intelligently integrated to reduce admin burden
  • Follow-up reminders and display UI for all staff
  • Custom GPRA reports for SPARS data entry for all grant requirements
Telerecovery Module
HIPAA-compliant SMS, Voice, & Video
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • 1:1 communications, fully private
  • Aggregate reporting (session lengths, conversations) for organizations
  • Unlimited calls, video sessions, and messages
Kiosk Module
Brick and Mortar Self-Service
  • Automated intakes
  • Unique activity and visit check-ins
  • Volunteer sign-ups
  • Admin portal for customization of each deployment
Volunteer Module
Volunteer Accounts and Hours Tracking
  • Create volunteer staff accounts
  • Allow volunteers to submit hours worked
  • Volunteer log reporting
  • +$25 per month for each volunteer account active
Enterprise Dashboard
Enhanced dashboard for deep analytics
  • Data visulaization and analytics built on R-Studio
  • Greater data segmentation options
  • Historical data filtering options
  • Download standard reporting locally with unique parameters
Document Signing
Now Available
  • Participant document signing on platform
  • Assign staff to sign documents as needed in organization workflow
  • Storage of custom and template documents
  • Create custom documents for signing
Individual Plan
Recovery Support for Yourself
  • Dedicated Peer Support
  • Custom Recovery Plans
  • 24/7 Resource Access and Referral
  • Text, Chat, Video engagement options with Peer Support Specialists
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