Omnichannel Recovery Support Contact Center

Omnichannel Recovery Support Contact Center

Engage your community 24/7

Flexible Communications

Engage your stakeholders on their terms - SMS texting, phone, or integrated webchat. Reduce barriers to increase retention.

Integrated Screenings

Provide SBIRT as a standard of engagement at all touch points to streamline operations and evidence-based service delivery.

Resource Locator

Staff can use the built-in resource locator to identify locally available supportive resources for any individual, no matter their location.

RecoveryLink™ Omnichannel Recovery Support Contact Center Platform

Provide 24/7 recovery support and engagement through our Twilio-powered omnichannel contact center with SBIRT

Omnichannel Solutions

Engage with individuals in the way easiest for them - SMS texting, phone calls, or webchat.

Telerecovery Enabled

The omnichannel contact center features our core electronic recovery record platform built in for seamless service delivery.

Find Resources

With Aunt Bertha built in, finding supportive resources is streamlined for any location you are providing services.

Intelligent Screening

Built in SBIRT enables screening for mental health and substance use at the point of connection. Auto-scored results streamline staff operations.

Multi-Language Support

Available in English and Spanish with the ability to expand into other languages as needed.

Our Staff or Yours

License the technology for your staff, or engage our highly trained peer staff to provide coverage to your requirements.

Ready to bring omnichannel technology to your community?