Peer Recovery Services

1-on-1 Peer Support

Our peers are ready to connect with you to help craft recovery plans and connect you to local and digital recovery support services that may help achieve your long-term recovery goals

Partner with a peer specialist today

Peers are individuals in long-term recovery that work with you to navigate your recovery journey successfully. Monthly and annual pricing options available.

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions about moving to digital recovery support, we've got answers

What are peer recovery support services?

Our peer specialist work directly with you to craft a recovery plan that fits your life and goals. We use a social determinants of recovery framework and focus on domains like housing, education, employment, health, mental health, safety, daily routines, and relationships, among others.

Are services private and confidential?

Recovery supports are confidential and fully HIPAA compliant. You can rest assured that anything shared with your peer will be protected.

What support is included?

All services and activities are forms of peer-based recovery support delivered in online and digital environments. Support is non-clinical in nature and should not replace appropriate medical care as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Do I need to have a smartphone or computer?

RecoveryLink peers connect with you via video chats, phone calls, text message, or through our desktop or smartphone app. You will need access to either a personal device or a public device to connect.

What type of recovery do you support?

We support individuals in recovery from substance use, mental health, disordered eating, trauma, and any other quality of life concern. We truly believe everyone is in recovery from something.

How much does it cost?

RecoveryLink™ group digital recovery support services are 100% free during the COVID19 pandemic. 1:1 peer services are available either through a monthly subscription ($50) or annual subscription ($525).