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Recovery + Technology

A perfect match to support communities, families, and individuals

Our Mission

RecoveryLink™ is more than just peer recovery support or technology, we are a modern company created with communities in mind. Our mission is to provide a suite of accessible and impactful recovery support tools designed to elevate collective impact.

24/7 Recovery Support

Our solutions let you be there when real life happens - anytime, anywhere. Whether you need access in the office or on the go, RecoveryLink™ will be there.

Evidence-based Approach

Our platform is based on a recovery-oriented system of care and recovery management approach. RecoveryLink™ tools offer evidence-based recovery planning and recovery capital domains to promote long-term success.

Responsive Solution

Whether you are an organization, a peer, or an individual, you are almost always on the go. We've created RecoveryLink to help you deliver or receive recovery support at the touch of a button.

Our Team

Robert Ashford

Robert is a recovery scientist, RCO director, and loving father. Robert leads strategic development and program operations for RecoveryLink™.
Chris Hart Headshot

Chris Hart

Lead Engineer
Chris is all things code and makes sure the parts under the hood are always working. He's also the Managing Partner of sr4-DIS and has a passion for big, bold ideas.

Brent Canode

Brent is an RCO director, non-profit strategist, and an avid outdoorsman. Brent leads Business Development and Marketing functions domestically for RecoveryLink™.
“The RecoveryLink platform has transformed how SOS delivers our peer recovery support services. Overall, our staff has found the platform easier to use and has driven them to focus more on the one on one direct services.”
John Burns
Director, SOS Recovery Community Organization

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